I keep hearing from the the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fan base that there are just too many generic, anime, Swordfighters in the game’s roster. Join me for a deep-dive into what it means to be a Swordfighter in Smash, what characters meet the qualifications, and if there are, in fact, too many!



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Written by TJ Cencula

TJ joins the battle as the force behind the Nintendo Wire original series: Smash Supremacy, Mii V Mii and Custom Conquest. You may know him better as one of his two alter egos: Hero TJ, the exuberant expression of TJ's inner child, and Dark TJ, the maligned manifestation of his shadow self.

Hero TJ

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  1. Greatsong says:

    I can understand where everyone is coming from with the amount of swordfighters in Smash Bros, and I’m not gonna lie, I was “one of those people” who were…well lets just say “tired” back when Byleth was confirmed. Right now I’m pretty neutral to swordfighters; if I find them fun to play then they are fun for me. If not then I don’t bother with them and move on.

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  2. NaZyrus07 says:

    No. Swordsmen aren’t even 1/4th of the total roster. The problem is that half of them are from ONE same IP, Fire Emblem (and the weapon system is poorly represented too), plus 3 Links, leaving little franchise variety.

    THAT is the issue, lack of franchise variety with swordsmen. Let’s stop spreading this false notion that there are too many swordsmen and learn to count and spot the real problem with it.

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