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Microsoft has continued to lean into the memes around its newer “Series” consoles by releasing an Xbox Series S Toaster. Retailing for $39.99 and able to toast two slices of bread simultaneously, it’s really not that bad of a deal. It even brandishes your toast with the Xbox logo, which is fun.



Why isn’t there a Switch Dock toaster?


When I look at the thing, there’s only one thought in my mind: Why has Nintendo not capitalized on this gimmick? Look at a Switch Dock and tell me you don’t think it could handle some bread. While it does an amazing job of keeping the Switch cool, it could also be used to heat up some food. Just saying.



The biggest drawback that a Switch Dock toaster would have is that it can only support a single slice of bread at a time. It would be that rare opportunity where gimmick hardware is actually larger than the console it is based on, but I’m willing to put a supersized Dock in my kitchen just so it can toast things. Or maybe I only want one piece of bread. You don’t know me, Nintendo.



Nintendo’s history with kitchenware


The concept of a toaster in the form of a Switch Dock isn’t so farfetched, really. Nintendo recently launched a line of kitchenware that includes towels, plates, and cookie jars. Why not extend that range to have a Switch Dock toaster? It only makes sense, after all. Die-hard Nintendo fanatics would eat that up… literally.



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Written by Peter Glagowski

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