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It’s officially been half a decade since a lone human child fell down a hole on Mt. Ebott and changed the world forever: happy 5th birthday to Undertale, one of the most popular, successful, and – let’s be frank – best indie games to ever release.

“The RPG where nobody has to die” released to massive critical and commercial acclaim for PC on September 15th, 2015, quickly gaining a huge following and fandom that proliferated far across he internet, generating memes that are still widespread to this day (anybody who has a Pavlovian reaction to the first four notes of Megalovania can attest to that).

But much more than the meme culture and the sheer infamy of Sans and his bossfight, Undertale endures as an influential and inspirational game – one that favors peace and understanding over tried and true (but violent) methods, filled with loveable characters, fun writing, absolute bangers on the soundtrack, and a message of hope against even the most impossible of odds. And in the year 2020, we need that more than ever.

We’re excited to get our hands on Toby Fox’s follow-up Deltarune whenever it releases, and we’ll patiently wait for news going forward. In the meanwhile, dear reader, when it comes to any obstacle or turnpike in the wayward path of life… just stay determined, alright?

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

A writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington. When not working for NinWire, she can be found eating pasta, writing stories, and wondering about when Mother 3 is finally going to get an official localization.