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Universal Studios Orlando held a preview event for its upcoming “Epic Universe” park addition earlier this week. Along with the chance to grab themed merchandise (anything to make a dollar), the Preview Center featured a diorama of the park layout that Universal is working on. Included in the diorama was a miniature version of “Super Nintendo World,” the hotly anticipated video game theme park that has made splashes in both Tokyo, Japan, and Hollywood, California.



Thanks to photos from Theme Park Insider, we have a pretty solid idea of how Universal will lay out this park when construction is finished early next year. The entrance will follow the same blueprint that other versions of Super Nintendo World have with Mario being front and center. Donkey Kong Country will be situated in the back and there even appears to be extra real estate to the left that will probably facilitate future additions to Nintendo’s theme park. The DKC area is surprisingly large.

Set to open next summer, Universal Studios Orlando’s “Epic Universe” park will be the first major addition to the Disney competitor since “Islands of Adventure” opened 25 years ago. Along with a bunch of movie-themed spots and a ton of new rides will be “Super Nintendo World,” a park that needs no introduction for video game lovers.

While this preview event was held exclusively for press, regular fans will be able to experience this preview center for themselves at the end of the month. Universal is also offering an AR app for mobile devices that will better explain what each building is for anyone curious. While you’re there, you’ll also have the chance to buy some stuff, because of course you would.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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