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After some leaks and rumors, Bethesda finally confirmed that Doom: The Dark Ages will be the next game from id Software. Given a very brief trailer during today’s Xbox Games Showcase, the game is exactly as the title suggests: The Doom Slayer battles demons in the Dark Ages. It’s uncertain if this is a continuation of Doom (2016) or some prequel story. Still, at any rate, it will lean heavier into the character-action archetype that Doom Eternal started down.



Why is Nintendo Wire reporting on this? Well, both Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal wound up on Nintendo’s hybrid console despite having no reason to run them. Id Software’s official Twitter account does not mention Switch, but it stands to reason that Doom: The Dark Ages will be a Switch 2 title. With Nintendo having not officially unveiled its Switch successor, we’ll likely not get any confirmation of games until then.

Still, Doom: The Dark Ages seems like a shoo-in for Switch 2 considering the legacy of current id Software. If Microsoft can get this game running on an Xbox Series S and with the current rumor mill suggesting the Switch 2 will be just as powerful, we’ll just make an educated guess and claim The Dark Ages will land in the palm of our hands in 2025.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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