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Capcom has confirmed that Monster Hunter has achieved a landmark sales figure just as the series celebrates its 20th anniversary.

As revealed in the company’s latest financial report, global sales of the Monster Hunter brand now stand at over 100 million units sold. This firmly places the franchise as Capcom’s second best selling, only behind the 150+ million selling behemoth that is Resident Evil.

The best selling game in the series remains Monster Hunter World at 25 million units sold alone, but Rise and its expansion, Sunbreak, have achieved a commendable 15 million and 8 million units sold respectively. To mark the occasion, a new piece of artwork has been released, featuring the Palamute from this most recent adventure.

Monster Hunter started way back in 2004 as a PlayStation 2 exclusive and it has since jumped around various systems before finding firm footing as a multiplatform franchise. The next entry, Monster Hunter Wilds, expects to release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Steam next year.

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Written by Tom Brown

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