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Thanks to the dedicated members of the Famiboards forum, some new information about the RAM and storage specifications of the Switch 2 may have been discovered earlier than expected. In an effort to get the drop on Nintendo’s official reveal of the Switch successor, Famiboards members have been tracking customs and shipping data being sent between Nintendo, Nvidia, and other tech companies and have stumbled upon some rumored upgrades.

According to shipping information from March, several references to different code names with hardware specifications have been located. Members of Famiboards believe this refers to components in the Switch 2 as the listings correspond to different hardware setups. One listing refers to a 6 GB RAM chip of which two are allegedly going to be used for a total of 12 GB of RAM.

A second listing points to the Switch 2’s built-in storage being upgraded to 256 GB and will support UFS 3.1 (Universal Flash Storage). That UFS specification can potentially see the Switch 2 reaching read speeds of 2,100 MB/s, putting it in line with the Xbox Series S in terms of data throughput. Since nothing is set in stone yet, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt.

If these “leaked” specifications do become a reality, it will point to the Switch 2 being a solid upgrade over the current Nintendo hardware. It’s very unlikely that even with Nvidia’s DLSS technology the Switch 2 will support 4K resolution, but it should feel suitably more modern than what we have now. Only time will tell if this information turns out to be real.

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Written by Peter Glagowski

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