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If you’re a gigantic fan of the Animal Crossing series, you’ll want to mark May 2, 2024, on your calendars. First 4 Figures, purveyors of all manner of outstanding statues, will be releasing a new Isabelle statue for fans to fawn over. Available in two variants, pre-orders will open on the aforementioned date and anyone who signs up for a reminder will get $10 off once pre-orders go live.


Pricing has not been revealed yet, but this statue is likely to be expensive. Most of First 4 Figures’ output has been high-quality and meticulously crafted, so even smaller figures aren’t free from heavy price tags. Still, if you’re a massive fan and really want to add some Animal Crossing flair to your life, this Isabelle statue might be the best way to achieve that dream.

Once photos and pricing are made available, we’ll update you on how everything looks.

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Written by Rae Crawford

Comic artist, illustrator, Snorlax lover, and drinker of coffee, Rae has agreed to finally buy and learn to play Smash if they let Professor Layton into the game. In the meantime, you can find her playing Animal Crossing or a story-based indie.