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If you’ve been a fan of the role-playing game genre at any point during the past 30+ years, odds are you’ve had some experience with the Final Fantasy series. Whether you prefer the classics or got into the series through some of the modern entries, a Final Fantasy game is probably up there on your personal favorite RPG list. Especially with all the recent hype around FFVII Rebirth, now is a great time to appreciate the franchise’s history. If you’re looking to show off your appreciation for the series out and about during daily life, then you might want to check out the new Final Fantasy T-shirts coming soon from Uniqlo!



There are a total of seven shirts in the collection, each featuring a tasteful design originating from the series. The full list includes:

  • A goblin on the front with the classic defeat message on the back
  • A moogle sitting in a chair with a wine glass as well as a couple of smaller moogle sprites
  • A Phoenix feather over the pocket with a design on the back representing the eight Eikons of FFXVI
  • A minimalist tee with a moogle, a fat cat, and Alpha from FFXIV over the pocket
  • A moon-themed shirt featuring Torgal from FFXVI with the quote “Escape this fate that we might one day look upon the moon again together”
  • A silver graphic of the Warrior of Light from FFXIV
  • An embroidery of FFVI’s Terra and a moogle on the front with a beautiful illustration of them on the back
The set will be available in late June, although the exact date is unclear. If any of these options appeal to you, it might be a good idea to bookmark the page so you don’t miss out when they become available!
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Written by Abbie Maxwell

Lifelong Nintendo fangirl, Abbie holds a special place in her heart for video games. She has always strived to provide tips and tricks to make the experiences of those who share her passions that much better.