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Spring is in the air, and once again, Nintendo is here to spread some love with a beautiful assortment of new Animal Crossing products — if you’re in Japan. However, like with all good things, there’s always a catch. The items we’re about to introduce aren’t your typical storebought goodies. They’re part of an Ichiban Kuji, a special lottery event set to debut at 7-Eleven stores across Japan starting March 26th.



For those unacquainted with Kuji lotteries, here’s the scoop: You purchase a small lottery ticket for ¥700 (just under $5 USD) and tear it open to reveal a letter. Each letter corresponds to a specific prize. If you’re lucky enough to uncover an A, congratulations — you’ve hit the jackpot! However, pulling H might not be as thrilling. And, oh yeah, there’s a special prize reserved for the person who grabs the final ticket in the box.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the enchanting world of Kuji lotteries and explore the exciting prizes awaiting lucky winners!


What Prizes will be in the Animal Crossing Kuji?


Eight prize tiers will be available as part of the lottery.


Prize H



At the lowest tier, Tier H, you’ll find an assortment of stationery, including paper and a selection of small notebooks.


Prize G



Who doesn’t love stickers, right? While not the most thrilling prize, it’s still a pretty cool addition to your collection.


Prize F


Next up, Prize F offers you three clear bottles to fill with your favorite drinks. Each bottle features a design showcasing characters like Kapp’n, Gulliver, and K.K.


Prize E


Moving along to Prize E, you’ll score some adorable dishes — two bowls and two plates, each adorned with various designs including Timmy and Tommy, K.K., and Isabelle.


Prize D



Prize D comes with an array of bags inspired by Animal Crossing, including a fish bait bag and several drawstring bags.


Prize C



Prize C includes a deep-dish plate perfect for cooking or serving, sporting a cute design featuring Timmy and Tommy.


Prize B



Now, onto the good stuff! Prize B offers a replica of Brewster’s apron from the Roost. It’s got to be my favorite design of the bunch!


Prize A



The grand prize, Prize A, is a gymnastics alarm clock inspired by the workout scenes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Isabelle is featured next to the clock in her workout gear!


Last One Prize



As mentioned earlier, the lucky individual who draws the last ticket walks away with a very special final prize. This time, it’s another alarm clock, featuring Timmy and Tommy in their workout attire.

Once again, for those in Japan, you can join in on the excitement of the Animal Crossing Kuji starting March 26th, at 7-Eleven locations across Japan. The official Nintendo stores across the country will also be taking part if you plan on visiting one. Good luck!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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