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According to a new report from Mainichi, Nintendo has been ordered to pay ¥200,000 in damages in a court case involving an industrial doctor using “power harassment” against two temp nurses. The nurses in question sued after claiming “they were unfairly denied employment because their relationship with their boss had deteriorated.” They insisted they had been subjected to harassment by him.

Starting their tenure in April 2018, the nurses were involved in a program intended to lead to regular employment. Dispatched as part of Nintendo’s human resources department, the nurses’ daily duties included health checkups and other unnamed tasks. Five months after beginning their jobs, the nurses were told they had “failed to establish a smooth cooperative framework with the physician” and were relieved of duty.


Reasoning behind the court conclusion for Nintendo’s doctor harassment case


While this ruling is awarding a monetary value to the nurses, the court pointed out that this case is different from a “termination of employment” lawsuit. The doctor being sued was determined to have engaged in “power harassment,” but no labor contract was ever signed that ensured employment to the nurses. The final conclusion from the court was that “the expectations (for regular employment) are not protected in the same way as in cases over the termination of a labor contract.”


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Written by Peter Glagowski

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