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The Pokémon Center has revealed four new plushies, all destined to pull at your heartstrings! The new line, named Sweet Support, are all two-in-one featuring a Pokémon and the baby Pokémon in their evolution line. 


Who’s included Sweet Support plush collection?


Each plushie has the evolved version comforting and consoling the baby Pokémon, who’s tearing up. They’re connected by a string, meaning if you pull them apart, they’ll always find their way back to each other. How cute is that?

Each plush will run you $29.99 and feature the following Pokémon: Pikachu with Pichu, Marill with Azurill, Jigglypuff with Igglybuff, and Sudowoodo with Bonsly. Any of these would be the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who you know might need a little support at the moment! 



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Written by Roberto Diaz

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