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It’s a good day for Ace Attorney fans. Not only has the embargo lifted for reviews of the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy collection (read Nintendo Wire’s fabulous review here), but a new interview with series producer Kenichi Hashimoto has confirmed some great news: Ace Attorney will not be stopping anytime soon.

In an interview with 4Gamer (translated by Nintendo Everything), Hashimoto stated, “I can say that the Ace Attorney series will not be stopping, so in that sense I think you can look forward to what is coming.” Whether or not that means a new sequel, some remakes, or non-gaming-related media is uncertain. It does mean that the world has not seen the end of Phoenix Wright, at least.


Data for Ace Attorney leads to speculation


For many years, it seemed as if Capcom had washed its hands of the Ace Attorney series. It took until 2021 for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to hit the US, marking the first time those particular games had been localized outside of Japan. Beforehand, it appeared as if the 3DS games would be locked to Nintendo’s last dedicated handheld forever and that Capcom would only acknowledge the original three games. Thankfully, something changed and we can now experience the entire series (save for the Professor Layton crossover) on modern platforms.



As for what’s coming next, Hashimoto did drop a tidbit of information about the core audience for Ace Attorney. According to his data, lots of fans of Phoenix Wright are in their late teens and early 20s with a large majority in North America. While the series has traditionally been located in Japan — even if the localization for the original three titles changed it to pseudo-L.A. — it would be interesting to see an Ace Attorney game set in the West.

With the series now “doing exceptionally well,” we’re bound to see more Ace Attorney sooner rather than later.




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