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For all you amiibo collectors and theme park fans, Universal Studios Japan has unveiled something just for you! Alongside the confirmation of USJ opening its Donkey Kong Country addition to Super Nintendo World in Spring 2024, a new pair of Power-Up Bands have been revealed.

Super Nintendo Power adds Donkey Kong Power Up Bands

Oh good! Two more amiibo to collect…

The oft expected Donkey Kong Power-Up Band is primarily brown ala DK’s fur. There is some Jungle Swing in the mix thanks to the addition of a green portion and banana iconography, and the face is modeled after the ape’s signature necktie. Outside the added green and potassium rich pattern it’s exactly what I would’ve expected from this wrist-mounted amiibo.

A little more surprising is the inclusion of a Diddy Kong Power-Up Band as well! Now DK’s little buddy (who features pretty heavily in DKC’s marketing, all things considered) can get in on the fun with a wearable of his own. Taking the “DD” logo from his Tropical Freeze barrel, the band’s overall coloration leans more towards orange. That said, it too works in green and yellow while featuring the star pattern from Diddy’s tank top.

For now this is where it ends for new Power-Up Bands, but who knows? Super Nintendo World’s leaderboards could potentially be host to a whole Kong Army, what with Dixie and Cranky popping up in key art. Whatever the case, these and more souvenirs will be available at Universal Studios Japan soon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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