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We here at Nintendo Wire have a deep appreciation for the wonderful team at Club Mocchi Mocchi. Not only do they create some of the largest official Nintendo plush toys available, but they also boast an irresistibly soft texture. It’s a explain the plushness completely without experiencing it firsthand, but imagine snuggling up with a cloud on your couch.

Fortunately, Best Buy has an huge collection of these plushies, and the timing couldn’t be better as many of them are currently on sale for the holiday season. Here’s a glimpse of what you can grab right now:


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On Sale

Tom Nook and Isabelle Mega Plush 

$19.99 (43% off) Buy Now at Best Buy

Korok Mega Plush

$27.99 (20% off) Buy Now at Best Buy



Sonic Head Plush

$19.99 (43% off) Buy Now at Best Buy


More Plushes for $34.99


Kirby Collection – $34.99 Each

Mario Collection – $34.99 Each

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Written by Jason Ganos

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