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Update (10/13/23): First 4 Figures is teasing us with its first peek at the upcoming Samus statue. Below you’ll see the glorious base and feet of what’s to come. More details will be revealed come October 24th, the day pre-orders open, so stay tuned!




The Hunter is on her way – First 4 Figures has announced that pre-orders for a 11” PVC statue of Samus Aran in her iconic Varia Suit (specifically the Metroid Prime iteration) will open in a couple weeks, on October 24th.



This marks First 4 Figures’ first foray into PVC Metroid statues, and we’re sure their high quality and attention to detail will carry over to making everybody’s favorite space mercenary as spectacular as she deserves to be. Stay tuned for a first look at the statue and pre-order details to come. 


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