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About a month ago, to celebrate Hatsune Miku’s birthday, a collaboration between her and Pokémon titled Project Voltage was announced. The collab would feature 18 different designs of Miku based on Pokémon types, followed by 18 music videos for the same reason. Dripfed over the month of September, we now have the full and spectacular lineup of Mikus to enjoy. In order:


  1. Psychic Miku with Meloetta by take
  2. Grass Miku with Rillaboom by Megumi Mizutani
  3. Fire Miku with Skeledirge by Megumi Mizutani
  4. Water Miku with Primarina by Megumi Mizutani
  5. Electric Miku with Rotom by kannnu
  6. Normal Miku with Chatot by Megumi Mizutani
  7. Ice Miku with Lapras by kantaro
  8. Rock Miku with Aurorus by Megumi Mizutani
  9. Ground Miku with Flygon by kannnu
  10. Flying Miku with Altaria by kannnu
  11. Fairy Miku with Jigglypuff by Megumi Mizutani
  12. Bug Miku with Kricketune by Megumi Mizutani
  13. Poison Miku with Toxtricity by kantaro
  14. Ghost Miku with Mismagius by take
  15. Dark Miku with Obstagoon by Lownine
  16. Steel Miku with Jirachi by Megumi Mizutani
  17. Fighting Miku with Sirfetch’d by take
  18. Dragon Miku with Miraidon by Yusuke Ohmura


Just oodles of creativity on display. My personal favorites are Ground, Electric, and Dark types, though each and every one is inspired, right down to the choice of partner Pokémon.

Starting tomorrow, the music videos for the Project begin releasing. The first comes from storied vocal synth producer DECO*27 and is titled “Volt Tackle.” We have the first image from the video too:



We also have producers for the other first few MVs, all of which are established heavyweights: Inabakumori, Mitchie M, and PinocchioP. You can check out all of the released music videos on YouTube when they come out.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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