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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Choose Your Legends contest, a time honored event since the game’s launch (wherein players vote and campaign for their favorite characters to get special units) was held back in January as usual, and right on time the units are here, ready to be added to the game. The units were detailed in a ten minute video from the official FEH channel.



The units are:

  • Robin: Exalt’s Deliverer – Fire Emblem Awakening – Male Division 1st Place – Artist: Wada Sachiko
  • Gullveig: Seer Beyond Time – Fire Emblem Heroes – Female Division 1st Place – Artist: Yoshiku
  • Soren: Radiant Confidant – Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn – Male Division 2nd Place – Artist: Kita Senri
  • Corrin: Silent Bloodline – Fire Emblem Fates – Female Division 2nd Place – Artist: Essual



The four characters will be available to roll for starting August 16th at the stroke of midnight PT. As usual, you can pick one character for free for a brief time, so pick your favorite if you’d like!


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