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The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Illumination broke records out the wazoo earlier this year when it debuted, but the most impressive thing it did was completely wipe Super Mario Bros. (1993) from people’s minds when thinking about Mario on the big screen. While its lore is strange, its special effects cheesy, and its production from hell (Bob Hoskins infamously drank to get through days on set), the film has still become something of a cult classic. And in Japan, the film is getting a special 4kscreening in theaters on September 15th (the movie’s 30th anniversary).



Did you know the movie is called “Super Mario: Goddess of the Demon Empire” over there? I’d watch a movie with that name any day. While there’s no announcements of any international screenings of the film for the anniversary, we’ll be sure to keep you posted should that change.

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