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One of the best parts of any Ace Attorney game is the variety of facial expressions the cast can adopt. Whether in the throes of consternation or the triumph of victory, there’s iconic sprites and poses every three feet – and now you can get some of that expressiveness with Nendoroid More Face Swap for your Phoenix, Apollo, and Edgeworth Nendoroids.



The theme here is distress, with all three intrepid lawyers in various states of disarray: observe the anguish in Edgeworth’s lip, the pain in Apollo’s brow, the coffee on Phoenix’s face. If you own Nendos for the three ace attorneys, then it’s a great pickup, though you’ll obviously need at least one to get much use value out of any of them. You can preorder now from Good Smile directly or other anime merch sites like Amiami.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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