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Well here’s a merchandising match made in heaven! Capcom has teamed up with Gotte, illustrator of Sukeroku’s Daily Life (a series about the life of his hamster, the eponymous Sukeroku) to make merch of “Rockham” – Sukeroku dressed up as Mega Man (who is of course called Rockman in Japanese). Just look at him:



Merch in the collection includes towels, canvas boards, clear files, pouches, side bags, even a T-shirt. There are also badges and some other trinkets in crane games at Capcom arcades. Fellow hamsters Jiro and Kurogane dress up as other Mega Man characters, too!

Rockham items are available in Japan at Online Parco and will release in physical stores on August 5th. No word on an international release, but we’ll keep you posted should that happen.

Thanks Siliconera and 4Gamer


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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