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It’s the time of the year where E3 would be happening if E3 still existed, which in its vestigial state remains a time when most gaming companies tout big presentations announcing upcoming games or even what lies in store for the years beyond. Nintendo’s presence during June has become uncertain since E3 faded, with last year hosting no big June presentation to compete with the likes of Microsoft, Sony, and more: but they may be around this year to show off what they have in store.

Nintendo has updated their Nintendo Direct page in Japan, which usually happens not too long before a new Direct comes out. Of course, that could be anywhere from a few days to a month away, and doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will hold the presentation around all the others this month. But with the titanic Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released, and only Pikmin 4 (a game we know little about) coming in a bit over a month, this seems like a prime opportunity for Nintendo to let us know what they’ve got cooking for the rest of the year or beyond.



Source: Nintendo Every | Via: My Nintendo News


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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