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In the wake of Street Fighter 6’s release, Capcom has announced the entire Street Fighter series has passed 50 million copies sold. To celebrate that milestone, a new illustration was shared featuring several combatants from across the series’ history. 



The bulk of the image is rightfully dedicated to Ryu, with everyone else appearing via their fists and forearms or as reflections in Chun Li’s spiky bracelet. While a glance might make it seem like a random choice of characters made their way in, there’s some definite thought to placement and grouping. For example, the ones closest to Ryu represent the cast of Street Fighter II — Dhalsim’s stretchy arm is the biggest giveaway there, but you can spot Guile’s clutched around a set of dog tags and Blanka’s green skin as other examples. 

The background can get a little trickier, but some iconic accessories help spot the likes of Yun, Elena, Ibuki, Hugo, R. Mika, Dee Jay, T. Hawk, and plenty more. It’s a fitting tribute to the fighting game legend, though I wouldn’t be surprised at the number climbing even higher with the critical reception SF6 is currently getting and the upcoming summer tournament scene. Here’s hoping Nintendo fans can find the answers that lie in the heart of battle too. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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