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Hold it! The merchandising savants over at Fangamer have added more items to their lovely lawyering collection of Ace Attorney merchandise

For a very nice $69, you can grab a Wright & Co. hoodie, advertising the number one agency for attorneys, magicians, and other oddities. At $32, you can purchase two different soft pillowy things – first is the iconic Objection! in plush form, and the second is everybody’s favorite happy (and slightly disturbing) mascot, the Blue Badger. Finally, you can get a keychain containing a variety of AA knicknacks – including an Objection!, Blue Badger head, magatama, Steel Samurai banner, and Psyche Lock – for $16.



These join items like a courtroom desk mat or Maya shirt filled with delicious treats. You can pick up all of these items at Fangamer right now!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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