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Update (4/21/23): You can now pre-order all the Kirby’s Dream Buffet plushes at Play-Asia! And remember, save 5% on orders over $20 when you use the code NWIREQ1 at checkout.



Kirby’s Dream Buffet continued the pink protagonist’s longstanding tradition of smaller, more multiplayer oriented titles coming out alongside bigger platforming adventures, creating a Fall Guys style party game themed around Kirby’s favorite activity (eating). And now you can immortalize the delectable game in the only form that matters – marketable plushies.



Look at him. LOOK AT HIM. So round and happy and full of cake. I want to squeeze him like a marshmallow. The variant colors/accessories of the smaller sizes are adorable, and he biggest king-sized one sits at nearly a cubic foot of squishiness:



The plushies are set to release in mid-August, with the king-sized plush going for ¥5,500 (~$40), and no word on the other items’ pricing. The items appear to be Japan-only for the moment, but we’ll report if they ever make it officially overseas.


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