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Mario is a plumber first and foremost in people’s minds, but he’s taken on countless occupations over the years – referee, sportsman, paper guy. And one of his more famous outings is when he spends time as a doctor to eliminate viruses by matching colored pills to them (as doctors in real life do). However, according to someone, we should be wary of his medical chops. Who’s that someone? None other than his creator Shigeru Miyamoto, speaking to IGN about Mario and his new movie.


“Mario’s a blue-collar, he’s a regular person,” Miyamoto says. “So, even when he becomes Dr. Mario, there’s a sort of, like, shadiness, like ‘can I trust this person? That remained [in the film]. And I think that’s the kind of image that’s carried down for generations as Mario. And to see that image kind of coincide, and then evolve into something of a hero is something that I’m really happy to see.”


Being a plumber is hard work that you can’t just learn how to do in an afternoon, of course. But he does raise a good point – would you trust a guy fixing your sink’s pipes to fix your own pipes? Probably not. Though his note about Mario’s dubious multiple occupations slowly shifting into a more purely heroic figure is kinda sweet.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is out now.



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