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Kirby – hero, everyman, marshmallow. For over 30 years the protagonist of the eponymous series has invited questions: about his essence, his hopes, his seemingly infinite faculties. And now, HAL Laboratory heads – executive director Shinya Kumazaki and expert director Tatsuya Kamiyama – sat down at GDC with Polygon to answer some of these pressing inquiries. Here’s what they revealed:


  • The developers try to keep Kirby as a neutral character who doesn’t express extreme emotions (like anger or crying) not felt by the player. So he wouldn’t fall in love with a character unless the devs created a situation where the player might feel like they’re falling in love with someone – but Kirby could experience it, perhaps, even though that hasn’t happened. Kirby does love delicious food though!
  • If you were to dissect Kirby, he would be filled with dreams.
  • If Kirby would swallow another Kirby, since they have the same abilities, nothing would change. “Though I do think it would be funny if it made two Kirby.” 
  • The enemies Kirby swallows don’t get digested in his stomach – that would be rather violent or jarring. Instead, whatever creature Kirby swallows poofs away, reappearing somewhere else in the world.
  • If Kirby swallowed a hot guy, his facial structure would not change to match. No sharp angles. “Still round.”


Make sure to check out the full interview for the particulars of the answers. We’ll have to see if more dire questions about Kirby lore are answered at some point.


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