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Announced during this year’s MARIO Day celebrations, cosmetics company Lush would be teaming up with Nintendo and Illumination to craft a limited collection of soaps, shower gels, and more inspired by The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Officially, the collection launches in stores on Friday, March 24th, but sales would launch 24 hours early via the Lush app.

Initially, Lush teased the collection with a Question Block bath bomb and officially didn’t say what else would be included prior to launch. Thanks to a leak from their SXSW event earlier this month as well as the Lush Japan site adding all items onto the site ahead of release, it’s been a poorly kept secret which characters and power-ups would be featured. So far the collection consists of two shower gels, two shower jellies (soap Jell-O and yes, it wiggles), a bath bomb with one of six surprises inside, a soap bar, a body spray, and a gift box.


Mario and Luigi Shower Gels

Scents: Santa’s Christmas/Reindeer and Robin  (Mario) and So White/Once Upon a Time (Luigi)

Prices: $12.50 for 3.3 fl oz, $25 for 8.4 fl oz, and $40 for 16.9 fl oz

Direct Link (live at 6 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. ET on Friday, March 24th, 2023):


Available in three different sizes, Mario and Luigi’s shower gels are using scents from Lush’s Holiday collection. Santa’s Christmas/Reindeer and Robin smells like a fruity cola soda and So White/Once Upon a Time will smell like freshly cut apples with a slight floral note. We recommend using a shower/bath pouf to get as many suds as possible with just a small amount of gel.


Princess Peach and Bowser Shower Jellies

Scents: New Peach/Pineapple scent (Princess Peach) and Hot Toddy (Bowser)

Prices: $9.50 for 3.5 oz and $19 for 8.4 oz

Direct Link (live at 6 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. ET on Friday, March 24th, 2023):


They wiggle, they jiggle, and yet they’ll sud up with easy. Princess Peach and Bowser are getting their own shower jellies instead of shower gels. For Peach, this is a new scent described as tropical and sweet (with notes of peach and pineapple). As for Bowser, his shower jelly is Hot Toddy, a spicy cozy winter warm scent with notes of ginger and clove. For extra fun,  you can pop these shower jellies in the freeze to chill them and add another layer of comfort to your shower routine.


Question Block 2 in 1 Bath Bomb

Scents: Outback Mate (Ice Flower power up), Cinders (Fire Flower power up), Avocado Co Wash (Mini Mushroom power up), Honey I Washed The Kids (Coin), Sexy Peel (Star power up), or Big (Big Mushroom power up)

Price: $18 for 21.1 oz 

Direct Link (live at 6 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. ET on Friday, March 24th, 2023):


This massive bath bomb has a surprise inside, one of six actually! Crack open this bath bomb and you’ll find one of six soaps based on items (including power ups):

  1. Ice Flower Soap (Outback Mate)
    1. Outback Mate is a fresh, eucalyptus minty soap that has been a Lush staple for years. It’s available by the piece/chunk, but here it’s in an Ice Flower mold.
  2. Fire Flower Soap (Cinders)
    1. Cinders is a crackling, cinnamon orange scent based on the discontinued bath bomb and previously released holiday shower gel.
  3. Mini Mushroom Soap (Avocado Co Wash)
    1. A soap version of the Avocado Co Wash shampoo bar. Will smell like a creamy lime sorbet.
  4. Coin Soap (Honey I Washed The Kids)
    1. Honey I Washed The Kids is one of Lush’s big scent families and has a caramel-rich, honey, toffee scent.
  5. Star Soap (rare/hard to find out of the 6) (Sexy Peel)
    1. A retired Lush scent, Sexy Peel is a citrusy, lemony, exfoliating soap.
  6. Big Mushroom Soap (Big)
    1. A soap version of the Big shampoo which smells like the sea, but has floral and earthy notes too.


Currently, the option to buy specific power up soaps was made available (the numbers listed in the app reflect the numbered order of the power ups listed above). There have been issues with Lush’s app displaying the option or not at all… where it becomes a surprise. For those wanting a specific power up, cross your fingers the option is made available online and that these Question Blocks are sorted properly on store shelves.


Gold Coin Soap

Scent: Honey I Washed The Kids

Price: $8.75 for a 3.5 oz molded piece

Direct Link (live at 6 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. ET on Friday, March 24th, 2023):


A bigger version of the coin soap that can be found inside the Question Block bath bomb and it has the same scent to boot. Honey I Washed the Kids smells like caramel honey, buttery toffee, and vanilla.


Princess Peach Body Spray

Scent: New Peach/Pineapple scent

Price: $45 for 6.7 fl oz

Direct Link (live at 6 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. ET on Friday, March 24th, 2023):


Only Princess Peach will get one of Lush’s body sprays. Don’t let the name limit you, as Lush’s collection of body sprays are great for giving your room, bedding, and more a nice refreshing scent. This body spray will have the same new scent that is used for the Princess Peach Shower Jelly.


Question Block Gift Box

Price: $10

Direct Link (live at 6 a.m. PT | 9 a.m. ET on Friday, March 24th, 2023):

Status: Currently Sold Out for US online and in-app (prior to Friday, March 24th, 2023 launch)


Weighing 0.35 oz, you can use this Question Block gift box to stash your bath bombs or anything else. According to various sources, the gift box can hold six of the Question Block 2 in 1 bath bombs.


And possibly more…

There is one other item that was mentioned on the New Zealand and Australian versions of the Lush app and that’s a fabric knot wrap. No image of it has been released, or a price point, only the details on how to pre-order the item.



For those who fully explore the Mushroom Kingdom and collect every power-up, something special awaits! Each time you purchase a Question Block, scan the soap or the Lush Code on its base using Lush Lens on the Lush app. This will unlock the power-up you have found inside your Question Block bath bomb, and save to your wallet. Collect all 6 power-ups to unlock a pre-order for our exclusive Lush X Super Mario Bros Knot Wrap, as well as digital artwork for download! Don’t miss out on the fun – make sure you have a Lush Account to start collecting.


$108 before taxes is pretty pricey to get the chance to purchase a fabric knot wrap (which Lush usually sells for $8 – $19.95 depending on the size and if a charity donation is tied to the product). We’ll have to wait for the full launch and see if Lush’s dedicated Super Mario Bros. collab page is updated with this offer, and hopefully, what the knot wrap even looks like.

There’s no word how long this collab will be available online and in stores. It will, at the very least, be advertised throughout the theater run of The Super Mario Bros. Movie as it’ll debut on April 5th and at later dates around the world.


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