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Jokes about Wii Us collecting dust are almost as old as jokes about PlayStation Vitas collecting dust. But this is so fittingly tragic that it might as well have been penned by a Greek poet – apparently, the console can get corrupted if you don’t use it due to memory system errors. Cut the poor video game machine a break!

The error code 160-0103 appears to be the culprit, with a couple users reporting the error code after not using the console for a long time (over five years). Of course, the Switch has been out for six years at this point, so that may be a very real possibility for a lot of console owners. And Nintendo doesn’t offer repairs for the Wii U anymore after retiring the platform a while back. The only saving grace might be a NAND memory backup, which requires a bit more technical knowhow than just sending the console in.

Of course, there’s only a few reported cases, and it’s the sort of thing that makes for a poetically grim headline, so your Wii U is proooobably fine. But there’s no harm in booting it up again just to make sure, right? Give it some love after its long tenure in the closet? You still got Xenoblade Chronicles X to play through, after all. Go and give it a whirl.



Source: Nintendo Everything


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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