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This week on Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube channel where he discusses the development of video games, the Smash Bros. and Kirby director talked about three subjects:


  • Listen in Various Environments [Audio] – As tempting as it might be to test your music and sound effects solely in a surround sound environment, not all players will have the same luxury. Sakurai discusses the importance of testing sound on both high-end and low-end equipment, so that you can maximize the little nuances while still making it pleasurable for those with cheap equipment.
  • Modern Quality of Life Features [UI] – Over ten minutes of Sakurai just going through a menu. Specifically the menu of The Last of Us Part 1 on PlayStation 5, which Sakurai rightfully hails as a gold standard in current accessibility options. Rather than gloss over the broad strokes, Sakurai details each function and slider in detail to show the range of thought and possibilities put into the options.
  • Flash, Blast, and Smoke [Effects] – What makes for an impactful explosion? Sakurai discusses the particulars of making an explosion truly booming: starting with an intense flash of light before the proper boom and ending it with a puffing cloud of smoke. As always, he’s careful to pinpoint the details.


That’s all for last week’s Sakurai videos. We’ll be rounding them up every Monday, so make sure to check back then for more!



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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