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Games preservationists are always working tirelessly to document every detail of development history, down to the minutest grain. Sometimes their findings are relatively humble or even plain. And sometimes there’s just a little nugget of intrigue buried within. Take the latest (or rather, earliest) Nintendo DS prototype discovered, Ver 0.40615 (which sounds like the subtitle of Yoko Taro’s next NieR game) – while very simple and rudimentary in design, it also gives us a look at the earliest planned features of the console.



One of which was blood type. Yes, A, B, AB, and O – if you knew which one you were you could put it into your DS. If you didn’t know, blood types in Japan (and South Korea) are treated similarly to horoscopes/astrology or MBTI types, as a broader indication of personality or compatibility, so it’d be like putting in your star sign. It was taken out presumably because this is a cultural wrinkle that’s extremely niche overseas, or for other logistical reasons. Hard to say.

Thanks so much to @forestofillusion and @HudU1801 for the find, and keep up the good work.


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