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This week on Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube channel where he discusses the development of video games, the Smash Bros. and Kirby director talked about two subjects:


  • Making Lead-Ins Instant and Impactful [Animation] – Sakurai discusses making windups for attacks and other motions striking and memorable. He also points out how for some attacks, little to no lead-in animation is used due to the immediacy of its motions. A lot of the smoother wind-ups he shows are for bigger attacks or heavier characters’ movements.
  • Jobs in Game Development [Team Management] – Sakurai runs through all the potential jobs you could have in the game industry: Directing, Planning, Programming, Modeling, Drawing, Animating, Effect Designing, Sound Designing (for Music, SFX, and Voice Acting), UI Designing, IT, Managing, Play Testing, Bug Testing, and Footage Finding/Editing. Sakurai even mentions that he left off certain tasks (namely, publisher ones like PR and marketing) despite the comprehensive list. A lot of work goes into games, huh?


That’s all for last week’s Sakurai videos. We’ll be rounding them up every Monday, so make sure to check back then for more!




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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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