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The marketing blitz for the Super Mario Bros. Movie is already gearing up, and we can already smell the merchandising on the horizon.  Following the reveal of Japanese Happy Meal toys last week, another bit of it has already leaked — a commercial for McDonald’s and their toys based on the movie, which features a quite clean animation segment.



After peering into his Happy Meal, the small child is treated to a clip from the Mario Movie of the eponymous plumber hopping on Piranha Plant’s heads in a smooth sequence of jumps before failing to hit a ? Block and getting destroyed. The kid emerges from the reverie, now adorned with a mustache, as little cardboard stand toys soon flash across the screen. It’s unclear whether the animated segment was an excerpt from the movie or made bespoke for the ad, though considering the level of craftsmanship we’ll assume the former (unless McD’s really shelled out for that quality animation). We’ll have to wait and see the movie for ourselves first, though.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie launches on April 7th, 2023.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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