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It’s time for another excitingly dreadful round of “Nintendo vs. The Internet.” The battlefield is once again YouTube, and in particular the gaming info wizards over at Did You Know Gaming. DYKG released a video on “Heroes of Hyrule,” a DS strategy game pitched by Retro Studios back in the day that never got developed. Well, the video got copyright stricken by Nintendo, essentially gutting the primary source for all info on the proposed game.



This is nothing new for the Big N, who has shown consistently that it cares about whatever sliver of copyright protection it has over preservation, history, or public access. We can’t know if the company has any actual legal foothold to prevent the Heroes of Hyrule information from being available to the public, but even if it does… as DYKG points out, it’s almost a 20 year-old pitch, and nothing even close to confidential information. Why bother shielding it from curious eyes? Nintendo can be a somewhat secretive company about development, but this seems particularly clandestine. 

Let’s hope the video gets back up and that Nintendo cools it with this kind of behavior. We’ll be sure to report on any updates to the situation.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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