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This week on Masahiro Sakurai’s YouTube channel where he discusses the development of video games, the storied director talked about two subjects:


  • Distinguishing Between Major and Minor Elements [Graphics] – Certain elements in a game are going to be more essential than others. Sakurai discusses how to center and size aspects of the game that are more important, as well as tricks like LOD (Level of Detail) to help optimize performance. He also delves into some quirky examples of minor details Smash Bros. developers left in levels, including some that he had to ask them to cut because they were simply too extraneous.
  • That Was Then, This Is Now [Grab Bag] – Ever hear an older gamer bellyache about the good old days? Sakurai offers an even-keeled look at the divide between games of yesteryear and games today, trying to point out that while nostalgia plays a factor, games today are often tighter, sharper, and more refined than those of the past. At the same time, he admits that there was a bit more creativity and inventiveness back when “good game design” hadn’t yet been solidified. It’s a really interesting topic that provides a lot of food for thought.


That’s all for last week’s Sakurai videos. We’ll be rounding them up every Monday (sorry for the day delay this time around!) so make sure to check back then for more.




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