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Business strategy sometimes just sounds kinda… fake to me. Like you have all these ostensibly smart, highly educated people in suits pointing at graphs and charts and numbers and it looks intelligent but then you hear something that sounds straight from an elementary school playground. Like, if you told a kid they ran a game company, and you asked them what they would do to get more customers, what do you think they’d say? Make a super game that’s so cool (it probably has lasers and robots) that everybody will wanna play it. And this is apparently what the folks at Sega have in mind, as they have a “Super Game” of their own they want to make by the end of FY2026 (so March, 2026).

The Super Game would be “a major title that scales globally,” a “game so revolutionary that it attracts far more active users than any of [Sega’s] games to date.” The project, in their estimation, could reach lifetime sales of ¥100 billion (~$670 million at current exchange rate). They hope to achieve this by establishing a “virtuous cycle” of drawing a larger community of streamers and players, who will then expand and develop the game content as a large fandom. Presumably this will all occur by Sega making a normal video game and then giving it the seven chaos emeralds. 

The title is currently in development (seemingly in very early stages,) and we have no clue what it looks like. Is it a brand-new MMORPG with gacha elements? A high budget open world adventure game? A game where Hatsune Miku fights the wicked manifestations of human sin? All three at once? (I think I just subconsciously described my dream “Super Game.”) If this project really is going to be so impressive, then we’ll presumably know what it is when we see it. Stay tuned for any “Super Game” news going forward. 



Source: SegaSammy | Via: Nintendo Life


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