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Today is the day Silent Hill fans have long been waiting for, with new series projects finally set to be announced in the Silent Hill Transmission livestream following a decade devoid of mainline titles. It seems we don’t even have to wait for the event to start, however, to get a sneak peek at what those projects will be.

After Konami launched the YouTube page for the livestream, Resetera users extracted a list of very interesting keywords in the video tags.


  • Ascension
  • Interview
  • PlayStation
  • Return to SILENT HILL
  • SILENT HILL Transmission
  • SILENT HILL: Ascension
  • Steam
  • Teaser Trailer


Going by the list, it looks like we can expect to see the long-rumored Silent Hill 2 remake/remaster as well as other projects titled Silent Hill f, Silent Hill: Ascension, and Return to Silent Hill – the latter of which is thought to be a movie.

With PlayStation and Steam present in the keywords, “Nintendo Switch” is notably absent as a platform tag. Nintendo fans may not have a chance to visit Silent Hill anytime soon after all, but we’ll know for certain when the Silent Hill Transmission airs today at at 2 p.m. PT | 4 p.m. CT | 5 p.m. ET.



[Via Gematsu]


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