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Cynthia’s Garchomp. What kind of reaction did you have to those words? I’m going to presume it’s a deep and all-encompassing fear. Maybe bitterness and desperation. Whatever the case, the iconic sweeper Pokémon, known for being the toughest member of one of the toughest champions in the whole franchise… is now available in giant, life-sized cuddle plushie form. A cutie patootie!



The plushie is Garchomp’s canon size of 1.6 meters/6’ 3” — lying down and taking a nap on the floor. The polyester Bandai plush is made with Polyester, and the photo model truly seems to have found peace in its embrace:



The plush goes for a whopping ¥57,200 (~$390), tax included, and is scheduled to be released in February of next year. You won’t be able to order it from the Bandai store unless you use a VPN or actually live in Japan, unfortunately. But maybe international purchases will open up soon. Until then, don’t forget to bring an Ice-type move.



Source: Dengeki Hobby


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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