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Nintendo has historically been relatively good about preventing leaks, but details about The Super Mario Bros. Movie have been oozing out of the internet the past few days – and it’s all because of Mickey D’s. First, a work program revealed what the official renders looked like before the teaser trailer could drop, and now Happy Meal toys for the movie have leaked presumably months before release. And there’s some juicy info.



A couple of toys aren’t too interesting – Mario in a pipe, Bowser breathing fire, and Peach is just… standing there. But there are also Mario and Toad riding vehicles, suggesting some sort of Mario Kart scene, Luigi with a flashlight (which, in conjunction with the teaser stringer, means we’ll probably have some Luigi’s Mansion elements), a Donkey Kong figure that shows off his slightly altered design, and – most strikingly – a Luma. Lumas haven’t been mentioned at all in pre-release marketing, and the presence of one suggests we might see Rosalina too.


Of course, there’s only so much information we can glean from a bunch of plastic toys, and there’s a possibility this is fabricated in some way, though at the moment it appears legitimate. Check back soon for more Mario movie news and leaks. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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