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The hot button topic of the Super Mario Bros. Movie teaser has been the same hot button topic surrounding the movie for well over a year: the casting of generic Hollywood everyman Chris Pratt as Mario, a move widely disliked by scores of internet-goers, especially intensified as the general consensus post-trailer appeared to be that his voice was just… Chris Pratt. But how does it stack against some other dubs of the trailer?



Affection seems to be strong for the French dub in particular, helped by a bouncy inflection and a voice that honestly sounds close to the beloved Charles Martinet. The Italian voiceover has Pratt’s grunts at the beginning, but otherwise is obviously the most Italian-sounding, and the way this Mario rolls his R’s is just… chef’s kiss. The German dub isn’t too notable to my ears at least, though somebody more versed in the language may be able to tell what kind of inflection is being used. There’s also a Brazillian dub that goes all in on the Italian accent, to the absolutely delightful effect:



Speaking of Martinet, IGN posted a video overlaying classic Mario voice clips over the trailer. It obviously isn’t as quality as if Martinet had recorded lines specifically for the scene, and appears to have convinced some commentators he wouldn’t have worked in film form, but at least it provides a glimpse into what might have been. I mean, considering the French voiceover sounds similar and is getting tons of love, I can’t imagine him flubbing a role he’s had for decades.



The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases on April 7th, 2023 in the US – and a week earlier, on March 29th, in France (where the movie was animated). Guess we know which tricolor-flagged country won out this time, eh?


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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