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It was announced last week that Ed Sheeran would be collaborating with Pokémon on a new music track called “Celestial.” And… it’s out! It’s exactly the sort of warm, pop, folky sound you would expect from such a collab, with an accompanying video that blends live action footage and multiple animation styles.



The video mostly consists of Sheeran going about his day with the help of some Poké-friends, as he occasionally shifts into an animated art style alongside them (notable for a monochrome color and some gorgeous monobrows). The schtick of “Pokémon influencing the real world” is tried and true, though the video does mix it up towards the end with a gorgeously animated anime fantasy(?) of Sheeran as an Ash Ketchum figure, doing bombastic battle and trying to get the poor creatures to stop fighting. It has to be seen to be believed.

And if you like the track, good news — it’s going to feature in the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet versions. No news on how said song will feature in game, but hopefully it will be used judiciously. We’ll have to see when the game releases November 18th.



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