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Legendary game director Masahiro Sakurai wrote over 600 columns for storied Japanese video game magazine Weekly Famitsu in a tenure that lasted almost two decades, detailing much of his philosophy, direction, and advice from 2003 to 2021. And while Sakurai has moved on to other projects (namely, a YouTube channel), it appears his column’s space will be filled by… a dog?

Oh, that rapscallion! Toby Fox, Undertale and Deltarune creator and generally funny guy, is apparently the one who is taking over the column, with “Toby Fox’s Secret Base” launching in the issue dated September 29th, 2022. While we can’t say for certain whether Fox’s tenure will be as lengthy and prestigious as Sakurai’s, it’s certainly a big deal, and a new landmark in his rise from mild internet celebrity musician to one of the most renowned game developers in the entire world. It’s also notable since Fox has, ever since Undertale blew up, been known to be relatively quiet, descending from his proverbial mountaintop to speak only for truly important occasions, like writing fanfiction about Reigen Arataka v. Sans in the finale of the great Tumblr Sexyman twitter poll of 2022 (if this sentence deeply confuses you, do not worry about it. Live a free and happy life). We can only guess what content will appear in the Famitsu column, though knowing Toby there is a nonzero percent chance of irreverence.

We’ll be sure to report on anything newsworthy Fox may bring up over the course of the column, or any other pertinent information he may reveal. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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