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News from the supremely exciting front of corporate finance and management: Chinese company Tencent, owner of League of Legends’ Riot Games and partial owner of Fortnite (among many others), has purchased a minority stake in Guillemot Brothers Ltd. — Ubisoft’s largest shareholders, owned and run by Ubisoft CEO and founder Yves Guillemot with his family. 

The contribution totals €300 million, for the purpose of “core shareholding via the expansion of the concert around the group’s founders to the benefit of its long-term stability and development.” Whatever that means (do you ever get the sense that business people sometimes just like… say words?). The press release is also adamant that Guillemot Brothers will still be controlled by, er, the Guillemot Brothers: “Tencent will not be represented on its Board of Directors and will not obtain any consent or veto rights over the business.”

So this isn’t the first stage of a hostile takeover (like Ubisoft was worried about in regards to Vivendi a few years back). If anything notable comes out of this, we’ll have to see. In all likelihood, this is a simple investment and not the sign of anything seismic. But we’ll let you know if anything monumental comes of it. 



Via: Nintendo Life


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