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During today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live, we saw an appearance from The Pokémon Company! Well, technically Pikachu and technically it’s not a game, but a concept car collaboration. For Pokémon fans who miss the ’90s vibes of the Pikachu Bug, and wonder what a 21st-century take would be, here’s a MINI Concept Aceman with Pokémon imagery.


The two legendary icons have teamed up to bring your favourite franchise to a whole new stage, and push boundaries further, the way only they can.

The new MINI Concept Aceman has evolved to bring you “Pokémon Mode”, which offers a glimpse of what it could be like to take your game on the road in a never-before-seen immersive experience.

Step inside the car, where the entire interior has been taken over by Pokémon, with Pikachu welcoming you from the central OLED display, and visual effects extending all along the dashboard.

Fire up the built-in mobile cinema, which uses an integrated exterior projector that lets you enjoy your favourite Pokémon movie – perhaps sitting atop the rooftop rack – wherever you go.


The all-electric vehicle can be viewed in person at Gamescom (Halle 5.2, Stand B10, D19) as well as online on the dedicated MINI x Pokémon site. For guests at Gamescom, they can enjoy the following perks:

“Visitors to the gamescom merch area powered by MINI can discover the MINI Concept Aceman featuring an additional exclusive vehicle mode. During gamescom, Pikachu, the iconic character from Pokémon, takes over the OLED display as the new central instrument when operating the Experience Mode toggle.  Through advanced projection technology, the animation also extends across the dashboard, front doors and apron projection. In the animated loop, the Poké Ball first appears in the OLED display and moves, then opens in a blue glow that moves impressively from the OLED display via the dashboard and the light bar of the doors as well as the apron projection through the vehicle interior. In another loop, Pikachu appears in the display at the start. The famous electric Pokémon launches a bright yellow lightning attack that also travels through the vehicle via the interior doors as well as the apron projection.”


For those who are wondering when this car will be available on the market, sadly it seems that this is a one-off. At least, that’s how it is referred to in an official press release.







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Written by Jennifer Burch

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