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As August 1st approaches this coming Monday, Japan is preparing to celebrate its annual Water Day holiday with the help of some familiar mascots and advertisers. Returning from last year after being named an official Water Day ambassador, The Pokémon Company has once again sent its Vaporeon mascot around Japan to lend a hand in promoting the country’s civic duties.

This year to help promote Water Day, The Pokémon Company has collaborated with Miss Nippon, a beauty contest for women, to create a promotional video featuring Vaporeon and one of the young contestants. Below, viewers can take a look at the two visiting a local water conservation area.



Water Day is an annual holiday in Japan created to raise awareness for the conservation of aquatic habitats and animals. While Vaporeon has been an official ambassador since last year, many Pokémon in the past have represented the holiday, such as Lapras.

If any special Vaporeon merchandise or videos show up over the course of Water Week (August 1st to the 7th), we’ll be sure to keep you all updated.



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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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