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The pop-up Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary cafe closed its doors last week in Japan but as consolation the game’s Japanese Twitter account has shared footage of how to make the Banora White Apple Juice at home.

Named after the Banora Apples which are set to play a major role in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion later this year, the Banora Apple Juice recipe consists of a handful of ingredients, as Siliconera reports.

For starters you’ll want 150ml of apple juice poured into a glass over ice. Then add a combination of 20ml of butterfly pea syrup and 5ml of “purple haze” syrup. Following that, simply squeeze in some lemon juice and garnish with mint leaves. You don’t even need to shake it!

It’s also worth noting that the clip features a remix of a classic Crisis Core music track, too.

You’ll be able to see the origins of the Banora apple in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion this winter.

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Written by Tom Brown

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