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Hey, this new Cloud Strife Bring Arts figure looks pretty snazzy. The original Final Fantasy VII design, posable, not the most extravagantly pricey at $130… but what’s this? For only $30 more you can purchase a “Digital Plus” edition of the figure which includes a digital certificate of authenticity and the ability to view a digital version of the figure anywhere… both of which are registered using NFT technology. Oh, boyo! July 2022 and we’re still talking about those!

Now, I’ve always found Certificates of Authenticity a little silly as far as figures go, whether physical or digital, but I at least understand them in concept. And look, Squeenix, I know you made a big push for NFTs earlier this year, but like… who wants this? The technological function is minute, for a jump in price just large enough that anybody who really doesn’t want an NFT wouldn’t make the jump. And like… there’s a lot of people who don’t want NFTs. Like, soooo many. Why? Just… why?



The figure isn’t even coming OUT until November 2023, which is over a year from now. Is that what the digital version is supposed to be for? To have people imagine they have a figure that isn’t in their hands yet? Cripes. They sold a Digital Deluxe Edition of a product that isn’t digital in the first place. I can’t tell whether to applaud or shake my head. Good work, geniuses. 





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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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