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We all enjoy raising little virtual pets, but what if those pets were instead international pop stars with synthetic voices? Fortunately, Bandai is here to provide an answer to that question we’ve definitely all had in the past, announcing that there will be an exclusive set of Hatsune Miku Tamagotchis releasing next year. 

Just as you’d imagine, the little trinkets (set only for Japanese language and release at the moment) will have the user care for Hatsune Miku inside a little egg shaped interface. There will be three shells — Cute Miku (turquoise and white), Cyber Miku (blue and white), and an exclusive, translucent Future Miku model that will be available in limited quantities. You can raise Miku in one of ten different looks from over the past decade, as well as her fellow friends/synth voice banks Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, Meiko, and Kaito. 



Activities you can do include Vocal Lesson,where you press the button rhythmically on screen to help Miku sing, Note Catch, where you help her catch notes that fall from the top of the screen, and Day and Night Performances, where you tap the button as keywords hit the center of the screen. Special characters will show up during gameplay, including Snow Miku, Octopus Luka, and Miku holding her iconic green onion. No word on what the player can feed Miku for a snack yet (raw green onion?) or if players will have to, in classic Tamagotchi fashion, clean up her business. Though wondering about this question just leads us to the harrowingly existential question of “does Hatsune Miku poop” which is one I don’t want to think about. 

The Hatsune Miku Tamagotchis release in March 2023. You can pre-order them at Bandai Premium Japan until September 14th. 







Source: Tama Palace


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