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In the name of the moon, she will bubblebeam you — independent figure maker Yaya Studio has crafted a slate of resin Psyduck figures where the iconic duck is dressed up as the even more iconic Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon, complete with henshin poses and/or holding its head in pain, depending on which model you’re going for.



The independent figure scene in Japan (colloquially known as “garage kits” after models where the buyers have to assemble the pieces themselves like Gunpla) is pretty prevalent, and it isn’t hard to find impressive work by a whole host of artists who then sell the labor of their love to others. If you’re familiar with the Japanese culture around doujinshi comics, it’s a bit similar to that. (Technically doujinshi refers to all fan-created or self-published work, so a lot of these would fall under that umbrella.) 

Due to the small scale production, the number of figures produced is usually quite small — as is the case with these Sailor Psyducks, of which the Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Jupiter figures have already sold out. You can purchase the Sailor Venus figure now for about $95 (again, self-made and published!) and there’s going to be what we can only guess is a Sailor Mars Psyduck soon enough. But even if you can’t hold most of these figures in your own hand, you can still admire their artistry and genius in image form. Sailor Psyduck says: “Psyyy.”


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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