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Update (6/17/22): The first Pokétoon short, Scraggy and Mimikyu, is now available to watch on Pokémon TV!



We all like Looney Tunes (this is non-negotiable), and we all like Pokémon (this one is more of an educated guess based on you reading an article on a Nintendo news site). So why not combine chocolate and peanut butter to make something even better? Originally released in Japan a whole two years ago in June 2020, the Pokétoon series of Pokémon shorts is finally being brought over to shores outside of the country this week.

The series technically covers a broad range of animation styles from the ’40s to today, featuring a wide variety of Pokémon and plots. The first episode, Scraggy and Mimikyu, will drop on June 17th, with new episodes weekly throughout the summer. There are eight in total, so be sure to tune into Pokémon TV to catch all the action as it releases. If you can’t/won’t, the shorts will be available on YouTube sometime this fall. 



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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